ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Gracey Kirkland with Greg Lawrence -- Dancing on My Grave (autobiography) * *

I had to order this online to get a used copy. It's an account of the dancing life of Gelsey Kirkland, on the Prima Ballerinas of our time. She was Baryshnikov's dance partner, and also grew up under Balanchine's instruction. 
It's sad that she didn't get more famous... the famous dancers are men of course. Gelsey struggled to find a voice within Balanchine's and Barshynikov's company but she never really found it I think.
Then she got stupid and started doing a lot of cocaine. 
Oh and she of course struggled with anorexia.
She remarked on the infantilazation of dancers.

It was a rather depressing book.

Tags: booklog
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