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busy weekend, bridesmaid woes, the happening and incredible hulk

The Happening: Well.. hmm. I thought there were some interesting visual moments. Andy completely hates it.
The Incredible Hulk: It was ok.. though I got bored in the fight scens after a while. No where close to Ironman.

On Sunday, Andy and I had dim sum at the Shanghai Palace, which was wayy too crowded. But I love their green tea deep fried sasame balls.

We also went to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Walter and Miriam's wedding, and.. they were too small. So I was like.. did I gain an entire size since I ordered it in April. Or did I do one of those vanity purchase, a size smaller so I was forced to diet. But I remember deciding against doing that in case I wouldn't fit and Miriam would be pissed ("Uh, sorry Miriam, the diet failed. Can I wear this instead? It's in the same color family?").

Anyways, it was bad for my self-esteem, and the assistants insisted that I had ordered that size, and I asked them for a paper copy of my signature (since I didn't bring my copy.) Then one of them implied that I wouldn't even be able to fit the next size up.. and probably needed 2 sizes up. I was like.. aaaaarrrrrrgh. WTF?

After being on the phone and typing on the computer.. the 2 assistant ladies were like: Oh. We mistyped it on the computer. It's really easy to mistype. And yeah, that color has been discontinued. We don't have that size in that color anywhere in the country right now. We can get it end of July.

I ordered this dress in April. The wedding is in mid-July. They messed up the order, and still can't get it in time? Not to mention they've insulted my body image multiple times. Grrr. David's Bridal, you're on notice!

Anyways, they did have another style.. so I'm going with that. It'll mean that 3 of us will wear the same style, and 1 of us will be unique. Sniff. I wanted the original style too. But the one I'm getting will be fine. It was also more expensive but David's Bridal is comping the difference.

It did cross my mind to go on a crazy crash diet so I can drop a size in a month.. it is doable.. Hrm... But probably better to drop a size, and have a dress that's slightly too big then not fit into the dress at all!

Tags: body, dining, movie
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