August 21st, 2005

I like pretty things


So apparently a lot of my friends are on livejournal, and I guess I can try this out.

Here's a mostly SCA post.

So I was hanging out at Clan Lurker this Pennsic.

One day, the sun had just set. It was a pleasant Pennsic evening, the sky was dark, and I was inside a blue and yellow striped pavillion. It was nice and dark inside the tent.

Suddenly, all the yellow stripes turned red and the inside of the tent became rather well illuminated. Outside, I could hear noises, but they seemed like cheers. I was wondering what could be casting all that red hue, car lights? (a blonde moment here, apparently the Woooosh! sound didn't register on me), when suddenly the noise outside turned more into a panicked sound. And there was sounds of "Fire!" (Let's just say that a fire would be rather inconvenient at the moment. Quite inconvenient indeed.)

Apparently, this was what had happened outside. One of Wookie's squire, Vortimeer (sp?), Gideon's squire brother, had taken a cupful or more of coleman fuel, to start the fire in the firepit. Generally, one uses tiny amounts. He was about to light the fire, but Wookie suggested that he lit something first, and throw it into the pit. So they hunt around for something to light. All the while, the fuel is nicely vaporizing in the rectangular firepit. The squire found somethng to lit, and threw it at the firepit. But he missed. So Wookie walked towards the pit, kicked it in, and stepped away. Suddenly, there was this huge WOoooosh! sound, and a rectangular column of fire rises at least 25 feet into the air. Higher then the pavillion which I was in, which was btw, about 10 feet from the firepit.

Clan Lurker is right on the other side of the Performing Arts Pavillion. Which at this time was performing Macbeth. Some audience members, in that theatre, cried "Fire!" Some people came running into the encampment, but the fire had calmed down, and Wookie had stamped at the fire outside the edges of the firepit and was saying, "it's fine! We've fire extinguishers! Nothing to worry!"

In the meantime, a Clan Lurker member at the Middle Eastern tent (which is rather far away from Lurker), had seen the fireball, and thought: a good thing no one in my camp is stupid enough to do something like that.