April 27th, 2006

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Chicago Travalogue Day 1

Day 1 – April 26th, 2006

The beginning of my trip to Chicago was not very good. I had spent several days coughing and hacking, and feeling miserable. And was still in that state when I was leaving. Boo. Then on my way to get Valerie to the airport, my housemate called me and said that Caroso was having trouble controller with his left hind leg. He was eating lying down, and then he lost control of his left front leg. But my housemate was extremely awesome and offered to take him to the vet.... then he started walking gingerly again. My housemate said she'll watch him while I'm gone, and if it repeats again she'll take him to the vet.

So I worried about my cat during the flight. And for the first time ever, I got airsick during take-offs and landings. And I had to stop myself from throwing up during take off. The trip was as usual boring. But unusually miserable.

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