July 27th, 2006


sex in the city

Finally finished the series, it's so bittersweet finishing a series you enjoyed and immersed yourself in for a while. Whatever am I going to watch to replace my chick-flick, chic, sassy SITC episodes? Let me know if you have recommendations.

I am also intensely jealous of Carrie Bradshaw's set of girlfriends, and how they have brunch every weekend. My closest girlfriends, and my delightful gay friend live far away. You try to cultivate new ones, and they move (to Australia no less), or you like the same guy (I didn't use to like him!), or things get competitive. And it's also like getting a boyfriend, you have to find ones that click with you, have same hobbies and also want to invest the time in you. And I find that in some girl relationships I have to do all the legwork (like initiating get togethers) and that annoys me and makes me less likely to initiate. But I guess same-gender relationship takes second place to romantic relationships, unless you're in a SITC show.

My 2unseemlies girlfriends, I wish you all would move to Austin.