July 29th, 2006

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I went for a 2 hour walk with a girlfriend, it was mentally relaxing and physically tiring. I like the dark, and the solitude. I was sharing with her how I look at pics at about 14 lbs lighter and thought that I looked fine. She said that when we first were taking class she was jealous at how skinny I was. Of course, when I was at that weight, I was still thinking about how fat I was. Mental perception of oneself is so subjective.

I'm tired, but I'm glad for the walking and talking. Friends are awesome, invest in them.

Austin Distance Challenge and Marathon Training

I've been pondering on doing the Austin Distance Challenge (http://www.austindistancechallenge.com/events.asp/) and training for the Marathon in Feb. The Fall training season is starting up soon, most Austin programs start in Aug/Sept. The ADC starts with a 10k and has 7 races to get you to a marathon.

The Galloway Method is a run/walk method, where you run with walk breaks. So a 3:1 ratio has 3 minutes running and 1 minute walking, it's supposed to help your body recover faster and be less strenuous. Faster runners may want to do 5:1 or more. I'm interested in either the Galloway method, or one that's all walking.

How about if you've never run a marathon? Well, the trick to it is to start training early, you add about a mile in your long run per week.

Anyone else interested? The hard part is waking up in the morning in the weekends, usually either Sat or Sun at 7 am. Having a training group helps you be more accountable and have more support.