August 20th, 2006


SF: keith johnstone

i wish that i could bottle up my feelings of goodwill towards improv right now. because i'm so emotional (cried a few times this trip). hrmpf. and change is hard. and i'm easily grumpy.

the workshop was awesome. i highly recommend it to everyone. rebecca stockley said our group was warm and yummy, and keith seemed to be in a good mood. it was just awesome, and the atmosphere was so supportive and most of the staff was so good-natured. it was wonderful. i definitely learnt a lot, both for life and for improv.

marc and jason are awesome :) i think IFE represented well.

also, at the end of the workshop when we walked out, james brown was singing at the field nearby.

i may write more later, but they asked us to write 4 things we want to bring back home. mine are:
- be more good-natured
- play maestro
- relax
- do narrative longform

i am currently happy.