September 22nd, 2006


Going on whitewater kayak/fishing trip in Oct!

I'm so excited about that! It's in Oregon, it's a fishing trip, but they're going to have an inflatble kayak for me. We're going down the same river as the rafting group goes down, the Rogue river in Oregon. It's expensive, and I was thinking: New car.. or go on awesome trips? Awesome trips win. I believe that amazing experiences are worth more then material possessions. Let me know if you are crazy enough to go with me. I'm also thinking of doing another rafting trip next year if possible.

Today my workgroup had an offsite at Lake Travis(?) and I really loved the water. I love the feel of the water spray against me, and the breeze blowing across my body as the large boat moved.

I really love lake water.

I'm going to sign up for the Rowing Dock's beginner class. And be a member.