September 24th, 2006


An inconvenient troupe, science of sleep, kill bill 1

Just came back from "An Inconvenient Troupe" rehearsal. It's a splinter of IFE, with Marc and me. We've decided to try longform narrative, basically tell a story. We're doing sci-fi stories! Rehearsal today was really exhillirating and thrilling. It was so satisfying, having a story finished at the very end. At times I was worrying how we would end it, and at times I was like.. oooh, I wonder what comes next?! And Shana was such an informative and supportive coach. I'm nervous about our show on Friday.. our first show! So please come if you can: friday, Sept 29, 11:30 pm (I know it's late...), the Hideout. IFE also has a show at 8 pm.

I saw the Science of Sleep, and it was pleasantly enjoyable. I liked it more then Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the other movie Michael Gondry directed.

Also saw Kill Bill 1 for the first time ever. Amazing movie. It's definitely one of my all-time favorites now.