November 9th, 2006

caroso in bedclothes

austin paddling club & caroso baby pics

after spending today at home, i took a walk and then ended up at the LCRA, where the austin paddling club meets. they were the nicest folks, they welcomed me, gave me the doorprize because i was new (15% off REI), a paddling magazine, and membership forms. i got to learn about "premiere kayak schools" which has me itching to go. it's been a while since i'm actually passionate about something new (ok.. I guess less then a year, improv.. andy..) and i really really enjoy running whitewater rapids.

caroso has decided that he likes my closet. i've been looking at baby pics of him.. here's he is, 2 years ago, in low-res, easy to load pictures.

in my hands

with his siblings