November 13th, 2006

caroso in bedclothes

geek night

hanged out with my computer science friends, we dorked out over video games, and then went to see a movie. i really like hanging out with fellow computer scientists, things are just really zany when we're together, and i'm not in my head as much prob because i'm more comfortable.

earlier, i had ran out of games and was thinking of going to gamestop when i remembered peter. he loaned me 4 games (polarium, magnetica, super mario 64 and mario & luigi partners in crime) all for the ds.

then we went to see borat. i enjoyed this crazy movie, though some moments were rather awkward and strange. the jewish jokes were really wrong, and only afterwards did i found out that baron cohen is jewish. it was an odd odd movie. it makes me feel guilty for enjoying it. but it did make me laugh.