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December 3rd, 2006

decker challenge 20k

I woke up at 3 am, but unfortunatly, that was too early for the race. Went back to bed, and got woken up by my DS-lite an hour too early because I forgot yet again to set the time for daylight savings. Eventually managed to crawl out of bed around 7 am, went to the race... and it was COLD!
I think the first 4 miles of that race was one of the hardest miles I've done. It was really really cold. Cold isn't too bad, but it was really really windy. And we were going headfirst towards the wind. And it was hilly. And I was cold. And my foot was aching. Finally though, we turned away from the wind and it got better. No cramps this time: My overall pace was 16:16 which was up from the half marathon a few weeks ago (17:09).

Peter walked the race with me, and he helped keep me on pace. Around mile 10, Andy showed up for support.

Splits and paces:
5k - 15:37 , 10k - 16:10, 15k - 16:12 and 20k - 16:16