January 7th, 2007


delightful maestro

i really really like stephen kearin. he prob is my number one fav improvisor right now.

i wanted to hang out with him and other improvisors after maestro, but i was responsible and went home. and hopefully i can somehow fall asleep, wake up at 6 am, and drive to san marcos so i can walk 20 miles, for 5 hours, in 39 degrees.

man. i need a life. oh wait. i have one. why am i doing the distance challenge again?

20 miler

the 20 miler was a test of my endurance and willpower. and the ability to distract my mind from the crazy distance. there was despair, pain, and also zen like acceptance. i did finish though, in 5 hours and 27 mins. so many people at the race was awesome. the run far timing guys did an honor guard for me and the pregnent lady i ended up walking with, at the 25k mark. also, when i was walking by myself towards the waterstop near mile 9, the volunteers watched me and clapped :-) so it made me feel better about being at the end.

Austin Distance Challenge
10/01/06 IBM 10K (1:33:41, 15:05) challenge rank: 1004 of 1012
10/22/06 Scenic 10 Miler (2:30:49, 14:57 pace) rank: 714 of 718
11/12/06 Bison Stampede Half Marathon (3:44, 17:09 pace)
12/03/06 ARC Decker Challenge 20K (3:19:30, 16:16 pace)
01/07/07 ARA 20 Miler (5:27:20, 16:29 pace)
01/28/07 3M Half Marathon
02/18/07 AT&T Austin Marathon

20 miler splits: 10k=14:48/M, 15k=15:16/M 20k=15:31/M, 25k=15:55/M
I finished second to the last.

I'm so thankful that the next race is only a half marathon.