January 13th, 2007


rainy friday and make the strongest possible choice.

my car has been in the shop a lot lately.. it starts shaking a bit when i go above 60 mph. it's starting to be time for a new car... or a new used car.

i saw Coupling at pboyd's house today. the season 2 episodes were hillarious.

i did my second narrative longform. it went much better then my first one, it was a 6 degrees format. i had some fear back, and i need to learn to just emotionally react and make strong choices.. even in a narrative longform. instead of thinking about the plot in the actual scene. dan o conner said, it's fine to think about plot when you're backstage, but when you're on stage. just react honestly. make the strongest possible choice. the show was wacky. we had fun, and hopefully so did the audience.