January 24th, 2007

by the lake

I got myself a kayak!

Well, usually people own kayaks before they go on a kayaking adventure on the Rogue River. I've been resisting because I don't want the hassle of putting a boat on top of my car before I go to the lake.

This week while at training, I was told about the Sea Eagle 330.

I've wanted an inflatable kayak, but they seem so expensive.. they have a cheap model, complete with paddles and accesories for $267! It's like.. so cheap. And the reviews I read were good, and the guy who told me about it bought it for his daughter and she loved it. It's 26 lbs, I get to try it out for 4 months and can return it no questions ask.. and it has a 3 year warranty. So I'm pretty excited.

Kayaking is definitely one of my fav activities right now.