April 8th, 2007


urgh.. headache

after my 2 hr painting session today, i got a headache. i still have it.

i had tried a new oil painting solvent -- sansodor.. and i don't remember ever having such a bad headache after painting. even though it was suppose to be less toxic and having less odor. it may be because it's allergy season and my body is tired. but this is enough to make me wonder about switching to oil paints that are water soluble... or even... acrylics. *wrinkle nose*

maybe i should go back to using liquin. i think i did fine on it. *ponder* why are oil paints so toxic?? i should definitely give the water-soluble oil paints a try. apparently the drying time is between acrylics and oil paints. still get the same texture.. tho i read one online review that said it wasn't as thick.

i signed up for a 9 am saturday painting class on laguna gloria... "painting: the next step".