April 13th, 2007


Pondering a party

Would people come to an April 29th Brunch party? My birthday is on the 27th, but there's a Ladies are Funny Festival going on that Friday..

It would be a birthday/housewarming brunch.

Another option would be to have a party on May 11th, Friday... that would be a housewarming party.
caroso in bedclothes

life update

man, it's been a busy last 4 weeks. the living area looks livable.. but my bedroom still needs to be unpacked.
i'm woken up around 8 am by construction workers.. they say they'll be done in a month.
my new roommate moved in, she seems really nice. craigslist is an awesome site.

i love my new neighbourhood. i sit outside my porch, and read ruth reichl's "garlic and sapphires", a surprisingly awesome book on being a food critic for the nytimes. people outside stop to admire my neighbour's delorean car. i see people biking and enjoy the people watching.

i found myself in amy's ice-cream, and tiff's treats a bit more then is wise. but, i've also biked all the way to the hideout, and am happy to be in such a bike-friendly neighbourhood. tarrytown was nice to bike around, but there really wasn't much to go to.

at work, i'm in between 2 jobs. which means, i'm doing 2 jobs. but that's ok, i'm looking forward to my new team.

my combo washer/dryer is disappointing as a dryer. and i hate the smell it emits while doing its condensation drying bit. as a result, i find myself saving the earth by air-drying. there's a laundry facility in the complex, but i don't mind air-drying too much. also, the spin cycle washeteria is just around the corner. but, since this complex doesn't recycle, i've decided to trade my recycling with air-drying.

yesterday, we did an improv show for the safeplace benefit. the audience was very warm. and i was satisfied with my performance in every single scene i did. i am pretty hard on myself, so that was a nice change. especially since i felt i sucked at wednesday's class and grumpily left the class early while beating myself in the head on why i do improv. but thursday night's show reminded me why. it's the whole spontaneous-ness.. the being in the moment, watching people as they do this, watching them have fun. and when i do a scene, and the audience laughs and enjoys it with me, and when i co-create wondrous stories with my troupemate, it makes it all worth while.

tonight is friday. i am at home unpacking. come visit me if you're free.