April 27th, 2007

I like pretty things

July 6th will be a happy day

I'm expecting a new addition to the household on July 6th: a Siberian, seal or blue color point (too young to really tell) kitten, with blue soulful eyes.

I went with a Siberian instead of a Ragdoll because they're supposed to be less allergenic, and since they've been around for a thousand years, I'm hoping they have great survival instincts. I read up on the breed, and it's supposed to be dog-like, affectionate, large, medium-haired. Haven't read anything about them going limp when you pick them up, I heard that usually cats will do that when they trust the person.

The little rugrat on these pictures was born on April 9 and his ears will prob get darker, probably his muzzle too. He's almost 3 weeks old.

His name will most likely be Misha. A good Russian name, for a Siberian dancer.