May 30th, 2007

cornell tower

mikado, mozarts, pee and poop

yesterday was spent celebrating [info]bobacita's birthday (again) at Mikado and Mozart's. And cleaning up cat pee and poop from sofa. Roommate's cat is stereotypical nice/friendly/bitchy/pissing everywhere to show discontent cat. Boo. I miss Caroso, he was such a good cat, and communicated his displeasure via looks as opposed to pissing and pooping on the most expensive item in the condo.

I guess it was a good lesson in materialism. No matter how expensive it is, someone can always shit on it.


after hours soaking, hairdrying (to prevent water marks) i gave up. I woke up to a living room smelling of pee.

Also, several minutes after my roommate and me had brandished our hair dryers to dry the cushion covers. The electricity went off. So for the first time I had to reset the breaker. Hours later, I discovered the AC stopped working.

This was followed by self-pity and trying to sleep.

The electrician came over just now. Looked at the breaker, and told me I had it the wrong way. Apparently some go up and some go down to signify on. Obviously nobody had every done a usability study on circuit breakers. Hrmpf.

I took several of the cushion covers to Ecomat. Discovered the cushions underneath it was stinky. Sprayed a good pet odor/stain remover from Lowes (Woolite brand), saw the stain shrink before my eyes.

My AC is working, and the living room no longer smelling of pee.

Life is good again.

Exercise begets exercise; Kishibori Shoyu

I was hanging out at home, pondering what boring diet food I should have for dinner. My body felt lethargic, like it often does recently. Then I heard sharp knocks at the door. It was the delivery of Kishibori Shoyu. Ruth Reichl, my favorite food writer, had recommended this soy sauce from Japan. I found it at Amazon, where you can get 3 small bottles for $15.

I unwrapped the beautiful bottle covering, removed the top, and tried a taste. It was delicious! Not too salty, but very flavorful. For some reason, I immediately thought of eggs, and pork. You can stir-fry pork with just soy sauce and it tastes delicious. So I decided to bike to Wheatsville co-op to get my meat. And biked back precariously with 2 grocery bags disturbing my balance. Functional exercise! In pursuit of good food!

In the kitchen, I tooked out my well-loved, hand-crafted santoku knife, and my well-loved cheap but amazingly designed paring knife, and set to chopping onions, jalapenos, and carving out one (1) small pork rib. Seasoned it with the soy sauce, and added brocolli and eggs. The onions and brocolli made it seem like there was a lot of food, even though there was only one (1) small pork rib.

I seasoned the rest of the meat for future meals; the pork with just soy sauce, the chicken with: garam masala, tumeric, curry, soy sauce, cayenne powder, herb blend, cracked pepper bland, garlic powder, basically anything that looked good in my pantry. I placed my future, happily anticipated meals in the freezer.

Then a weird thing happen. Out of nowhere, I got a burst of energy. It's been a while since this happened to me. And I started to run, to sprint. Of course, in my small condo, this mean I ran from the front door, to my roommate's door. And then I run back to the front door. I did this for a minute and a half, and it felt good. It really felt good. I keep forgetting how wonderful intense exercise is.

Dinner was quite delicious. I turned off my computer, and instead of eating while watching a show, I just sat and ate, and thought, and tasted. The soy sauce is not as salty as normal soy sauce, so I had to add it to the dish. It was delicious, with deep, musky undertones, forest-green notes. Though at that price, I may cook with normal soy sauce, and use it only as an additional condiment.

I gnawed happily at my one (1) small pork rib.

Life is good.