June 8th, 2007


ball of happiness

today as i was driving to work, i realized to my surprise, that i was feeling happiness. i picked it up, my ball of happiness, and examined it.

it came when i was thinking of a conversation i had with andy. that's good, i thought.

then i examined my physical comfort, and i realized the AC was blowing full blast at me. for some reason, coldness facilitates happiness. i remember when i was a kid and i would curl up under the covers because it was cold, and it was dark and i felt happy. or driving at night and it was cold and it was dark.

i held on to my ball of happiness and was ruminating when i drove past a billboard saying MISSING and there was a picture of a white young woman. then i started to think about what might be happening to her, of her parents. then i started to think about the recent case of the missing baby in england. a baby might grow up never knowing its parents. the heartache of the parents.

balls of happiness are hard to hold on to.