June 15th, 2007

I like pretty things

mental exercise

10 random things that make me happy:

1. The trees swaying and rustling in the wind.
2. The soft fur of a cat
3. leather bound books
4. the hum of air-conditioners
5. elevators
6. making lists
7. dreaming and fantasizing
8. having lunch spontaneously with a friend
9. the blue paint in my house that's called "raincloud"
10. the smell of my chocolate lotion which was free
I like pretty things

on friendship

One of the things i've learnt in the past year (mostly because of co-workers), is that you can disagree, argue, yell at each other over a conflict, but still be friends, go hang out and have a beer...  especially if the conflict is relatively minor and was most likely a communication mismatch.

This was actually a big revelation to me. Because in the beginning I would take people's arguments personally, even though it was about work, and cut them off from my "friendship" realm.

But I've realized as I grow older, that it was stupid. A friendship is not worth losing over one single incident of argument, especially if it was over some minor thing, which was most likely a communication issue. You can be friends with someone, and occasionally get into a huge argument. In fact, anyone in a long term relationship will most likely relate.

I've told this to some older people, and they've nodded and said, "you're starting to mature". So when I find myself at the receiving end of someone getting mad at me over a silly argument, and then cutting off friendship ties, I'm a bit surprised. Rather ironical too.


Another thing to note: since I don't really have strong family ties.. the really close friends that I do have, I treasure them and cherish them.