June 17th, 2007

caroso in bedclothes

this weekend, lethargy

On sat, I napped in the afternoon and finally got my butt out of bed around 5 pm, and decided to fight my anti-social urges to go to Yia's birthday party and then off to Karaoke at Greg's place. It was a lot of fun. I'm impressed with Greg's ability to host, cook 3 pies, and set up a home-made karaoke machine, along with strobe lights. A lot of the music chosen was to my musical taste.. (Wilson Philip's Hold on, Total Eclipse of the Heart, etc). Not all of them sappy. But I've decided the similarity in taste is because the crowd is a bunch of CS geeks. And probably my generation who listened to 80s, 90s music.

The ratio of male to female was 4:1. But I've learned to accept and even enjoy it among the CS geek crowd. It's also one of the few places I feel that I can be dorky, and feel less judged in how I look.. because there's no pressure in being hip.

Today Andy and I drove to Round Top to meet up with Andy's dad for Father's day. It's weird, comparing the two of them side by side.

Age, cycle of life, birth and death.

Also, lately I've been feeling lethargic. I'm trying to up my beef (iron) intake. I'm also going to try to go on a drastic diet change for the next few days: mostly vegetable juice and bland meat. I think my heartburn wants me to give up sugar and chocolate, and maybe even most carbs.