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June 27th, 2007

whirling and twirling and swimming

Yesterday I went to the last class of Viennese Waltz.. which finally taught you how to do the turns. And it was the first time I was challenged in the class. So that meant I had fun. Very dizzying. But yeah, definitely not something I would've been able to pick up on my own by "faking it". Well to be fair, I would've been able to fake it, but it prob would've driven my partner crazy.

One week hiatus on the class.. then to level 2 where we learn the turn to other side, and a transition step.

A woman there said that she liked seeing me and Andy dance because we look cute together. That's good. Because we sure are arguing a lot while we're dancing. I'm criticizing his lead, and he says I'm not following. Even though I'm following!

I've to say, I'm willing to take Andy's criticism in improv, but I think in dancing, I have more experience then him. So, I'm going to stick to my guns. Besides which, almost everyone I dance with says I'm an excellent dancer. Hrmpf.

I think if I met Andy in a dance floor, we would've hated each other. But be one of those couples where the hate grudgingly turns into love. Because when we do keep our mouth shut, there's chemistry.

I do like the whirling and the twirling. It reminds me of the game I used to play as a kid. Where you hold someone's hands and go in a circle.

Afterwards I went to swim at The Hills Fitness center. Which is where the waltz takes place. It has two heated pools, and the ladies rooms are ridiculous. Lotion, deodorizer, makeup stuff, shampoo, conditioner, soap, towels! And I liked that the Sauna and the Whirlpool is separated by gender. Also, the Whirlpool is really really hot. I felt really mellow afterwards.

Happy Birthday Stephen

whereever you are.

austin farmer's market

I went to the Austin Farmer's Market at the triangle today, with Mo and Andy. It was very.. movie like. Children running under the fountains. Live music. Fresh fruit. Made me very happy.

I'm bottling my Kombucha today! It's early, but I'm gettting ready for my trip to Seattle.