July 4th, 2007


Seattle bootcamp

As if dancing and touring seattle wasn't enough, I tagged along brandon to his luxurious gym at 6 am. I went swimming.

Then we had lunch at Thai Ginger, and went sea-kayaking by the San Juan Islands for three hours!! The water was 48 degrees. But thank goodness none of us flipped. We were in my first double kayak, and we had to navigate out of the marina where all the sailboats were. We were the only kayakers.

The view was gorgeous, and it was so nice to be just surounded by the sea. We saw a porpoise! I was navigating with the rudder, and bonked brandonin the head since he kept shouting that we were going to hit a sailboat.

But it was a lot of fun, and I love the water as usual.

Afterwards, Brandon went to soccer where he shot his second goal ever just as I looked up from my nintendo ds. A nice serendipity.

Dinner was at Claim Jumpers, a delicious, northwest chain.

I was too pooped to go to the midnight 5k and went to sleep instead.