July 8th, 2007


i joined the gym again.

after having been gymless for a while.

Previously I had memberships at Clay Madson Rec Center (near work and cheap) and Gold's Gym (I didn't like it).

I've decided if I'm serious about losing weight before Pennsic that I should exercise more. So I went swimming yesterday and today.
Yesterday I toured Pure Austin Fitness on Braker. It had it's own lake. But the place felt very.. gym-like. And 24 hr fitness, even though it is very close to my house... is not as clean as I would like it to be. And they've no towel service.

So I'm now a member at The Hills Fitness center. It's out of the way, but for some reason, I really like that gym. It has a nice feel, because it is very wooded. And the people seem really nice. If you want to try it, it's $15 for a day pass.