July 28th, 2007


improv high

the show was really awesome and good tonight. we were working on patient scenework, and we accomplished our goals. i love improv highs.. right after a great show.

afterwards, we played games at asaf's place.
rock climbing

"Maybe we'll get another chance to live, and to live fucking unafraid"

I love love "Dead like me".

It is the best series I've seen in a while, different vein from the sci-fi series I usually love. This one is about death mostly. About grim reapers in a modern setting. Yes it's dark. But also thought-provoking.

There are only 2 seasons since it got cut :( I guess the humor was too dark for many.

Some of my favoritist series:
  Babylon 5
  Sex in the city
  Battlestar Galactica
  Star Trek TNG
  Dead like me