August 10th, 2007


improv and friends

i was very proud of matt and jason today, 2 of my troupe members who performed on their own as "suspicious packages" tonight. very sweet improv, with great dramatic moments.

i ran into bruce and jenny at wheatsville co-op afterwards, which made me happy since i was feeling rather down.

and since i have been obsessively loading the webpage of my future cat-in-laws... i discovered that they put a new picture of the kitties!

i'm the last one to be on the reservation list (i got lucky since someone withdrew their reservation).. looks like based on preferences, I will most likely either get one of the reds or the white one (who has red as well, in his ears).

updates from the cat-in-laws:

Aug 4: The kittens are becoming more active and playful in their nest box.  We carry them around the house inside a vest, where they settle in for a nap. Red colors are becoming deeper and show nicely against the white.

Aug 10:

For the last few days Kaleriia's kittens have been climbing in and out of their nest box.  They don't roam far, but just explore the area next to the desk.

They have begun mock fighting and are have become far more active these last few days. In the next week we should begin to see personalities begin to emerge.


tech help!

I've been meaning to create a website for my paintings, one that allows you to navigate between paintings with "next" and "previous" and one that has a header with drop down menus.

Sorta like this:

Anyone have any ideas?

I know html, javascript, perl, XSL and xml. I don't know how to use those fancy shmancy stuff like dreamweaver, and would prefer not to have to buy such tools.

Anyone have a similar looking webpage that you don't mind me copying your code from?

It's been a long time since I've coded webpages from scratch.