August 11th, 2007


flawed pottery and the pennsic splat fairy mug

Today was the last day of the pottery class that Andy and I took at the Austin MoMA.

I noticed that I have a fascination with flawed pottery. Pots that are not perfect, or has a dent, or uneven sides. And I think part of it is, in our mechanized world, all the cups and plates and mugs look.. perfect. Symmetrical.

So the only time you'll see flawed pottery is at a studio.

Today, my pots were next to Andy's. And I told him, it was easy to find my pots, since they were the lopsided ones. And they are. Andy's pots are very symmetrical. I have no patience for that. And oddly enough, I feel proud and happy with my lopsided vases. And they're pretty to me.

Not that I don't appreciate perfect pots. At Pennsic, I discovered the splat fairy mugs. They have a fairy squashed in the bottom, as if you had slam your mug on a fairy. There's even a splat penis on the fairy. I considered not buying it since we could maybe make our own, but I'm glad I did.

It is a perfect mug. It cradles in my hand like it was made for me. There's a lovely handle with a thumb rest. The shape pleases me to no end.

As I was packing the last day at Pennsic, I couldn't find the mug. And I searched around frantically, and thought I must've left it in the barn while dancing, since I took it to the Pennsic ball the night before. As I walked to the barn, I thought about the fact that it was already around noon, and people may have moved stuff around... someone might've taken it. And I gave a heartfelt prayer to God and said: "Please restore my faith in this world. Please let my mug be there."

And the mug was there.

I really like the mug.