September 24th, 2007

uchi as a kitten

Kitten training

I got Uchi last Thursday, and it has been quite a learning experience on both sides. Uchi is skittish, and this is the first time I've dealt with a skittish kitten. The ones I had were all mellow and chill. But Uchi flinches and his eyes dart around and he hid, and wouldn't approach me at first. I was quite upset, and emailed Tom, the breeder (aka Monkey's Dad) and he ended up calling me and giving me a lecture for half and hour. Basically, he said that Siberians were feral 4 generations ago. And he gave me all sorts of advice on how to train the kitty.

The good thing is, that even in the first night, Uchi would sleep with me on my bed, or he would sleep in my lap, purring. However, he wouldn't approach me. This training thing (and time) is helping though, since Uchi is now on my computer desk, being a kitten nuisance and stepping on my keyboard, which is wonderful, since it shows that he trusts me enough to be this close to me on his own volition.

Tom said that I should never ever chase him so that he doesn't develop a "fight or flight" response. So if you do visit Uchi, we're going to have to lure him out with treats and toys (which has been really easy). He is uneasy around strangers.

Allergy wise, Andy usually would have his eyes water and rub his eyes a lot when he touches cats too much. But he hasn't had this reaction with Uchi. So... this hypoallergenic thing may be working. But need to test with people who are even more allergic.

He wakes me up in the middle of the night with his nocturnal pouncing. So I'm rather sleep deprived. But he's totally worth it. We started off uneasy with each other.. but I'm starting to like him more and more.. and he's starting to trust me more and more.

I slipped up and called him Caroso a few times.. which is rather.. odd. Uhmmm.. Ok.

Here are some pictures!!