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October 9th, 2007

nothing like a good mojito

from habana's to cheer you up, along with a bunch of people you're extremely comfortable with.

Today was the second time the adventurer's meetup group (created by me!) met. We had dinner at Aster's Ethiopian, which was interesting since we were mostly strangers and had to eat out of the same big plate. We kept talking and talking even after all the food was over, and it become obvious that we were all lingering because we enjoyed each others' company, so we ended up in Habana's.

In our first meetup we talked mainly about adventure stuff, and trips. Today we opened up a bit more.. people got to hear about the past lives, backgrounds.. and it was nice. The core group of people so far are so diverse... and it's pretty much people who have decided that they don't really care for "normal" lives.. or what people think they should do. I think that's why the conversation kept going and going.. until we reluctantly left.

They like me too. They like me! A group of strangers decided I'm okay. And somehow we're all comfortable with each other already.. and I can see myself going on long backpacking trips with these people... and going outdoors and trusting them with my life.

It's awesome.