October 16th, 2007


breaking in my boots, getting ready for the Appalachians

Yesterday I walked around townlake to try to break into my hiking boots, and decided that I need better socks. So I went and got those smartwool socks at REI (along with a sleeping pad, whistle, compass, dry-wicking clothes, small compressible pillow, pillow cover, dehydrated napoleon ice-cream, etc). The bill at the register shocked me. So these items better be awesome. But the good thing with REI is I can return the stuff anytime, and it has a lifetime guarantee.

Anyways, the smartwool socks help. My little toe on my right foot is still rubbing the shoe a bit. Maybe I need to create more padding there.

Last night, Andy and I watched "Lust, Caution", the new Ang Lee movie. I won't talk much about it in case you want to see it; suffice it to say that it pleased me and annoyed me in different ways.

On Thursday, I fly to the Smokey Mountains and go for a backpacking trip in the Appalachian.