November 12th, 2007


town lake, rolling class, xbox, halo, super mario galaxy

This morning started out with a walk on town lake, with my IPhone on RadioLab: Space. I heard a sweet story about Carl Sagan and his wife, and how her brainwaves meditating on love is on the Voyager. And how we're a speck on a speck on a speck on a speck.

I saw a flock of swans swim past.

Spent lunch at Patrick's place, where we played "Beautiful Katamari" on the Xbox 360. Apparently, the Microsoft store is out of the bundle, but Brandon is getting me some wireless controller, the limited edition Halo ($30!), Xbox live and stuff for cheap. While I get my own console. Though I suppose I could use my own discount for Electronics and Accessories on the Dell site. Hrm. Instant gratification... or cheaper price. I love mine and Brandon's employee discounts.

At work, I got a major component to function. Woo!

Then afterwards, I had an 8 pm Kayak Rolling class. I was filled with some trepidation at that class.. but I self-talked myself out of the fear: seriously, I love swimming. So what if I'm attached to the boat, I can get out. Being upside down in the water is no big deal.

But it was. I got water up my nose, ears and gaaaah.... I could sorta feel it in my brain. Someone loaned me noseplugs, and they were awesome!!! The instructor, Mark was very good at teaching. And I had good improvement, and lost some of the fear. Will have to go back for another session next month.

On my way back, I got a voicemail from.. Mario! Saying my Mario Galaxy is awaiting. Delicious!