November 20th, 2007


How I love Durians

I remember stopping by the roadside to eat them... and then drinking salt water from the skin since durians are supposed to be "heating". (In Asian cultures some foods are considered "hot" and some "cold").

Yesterday, on my way home, I was craving some durian, so I bought a big one from the store. And I cut it open by myself. I'm so proud of myself! Usually someone else opens it for me, because the durian is spikey and scarey looking.

But so lovely and delicious and soft and succulant. Truly a fruit of the kings.

by the lake


Right now I feel content. I'm sitting in my air-conditioned room (winter in TX), my cat lying down on the desk in front of me. I've a friend coming over so we can play halo and drink beer.

I just biked from improv rehearsal, and tomorrow I'm taking the day off from work. Andy and I are planning to go to The Crossings for just the day.. to chill and bond.

Oh, there's so many things I can complain and angst about. But for now, for this moment. I am content.