December 19th, 2007


i'm probably crazy.. but i signed up for this:


This class will focus on preparing for a musical theatre stage performance and will culminate in a workshop performance in Ballet Austin’s AustinVentures StudioTheatre. Material from some of Broadway’s hottest new musicals such as Legally Blonde, Young Frankenstein, In the Heights, Billy Elliot and Mary Poppins will be included. Broadway veterans and Ballet Austin resident instructors, Danny Herman and Rocker Verastique will collaborate with Ballet Austin music director Billy Wolfe on this exciting project.  Register Today!

Singing Dancing and Acting! Seriously, life is too short to be timid.
I like pretty things

Diary entry: 23 dec 97

Larry is my music teacher. He gives me private lessons... He is v. good. Anyways for this winter break he gave me mozart "Alla Turco", one chopin and one Peter & the wolf. As well as dozens of fingering exercises... ARGH!!!!!...
And when am I supposed to practice?
I can't very well practice here in in Jen's <drawing of house>
It would be racket..
I tried playing a bit and had so far only finished 3 bars of Alla Turco... Sigh... I am planning to take 6 classes next semester... I hope that I can pull it off. So Anyways, I mae help made an apple pie today.. cool ya?

I like pretty things

Diary entry: March 1, 2000

So many things to write... but if I write all of them, then I'll never get to what happened today.
First, Doug seemed to like my cs 478 java code a lot. He thinks its one of the best code he has seen.
Secondly, Alan and Ayan thanks I've noticably improved in unreal.
Thirdly, I spent 70 minutes mourning about a big X in my quiz in psych and finally the TA said it was a plus, for excellent,
fourthly, some random guy in the blue light patted my shoulder as left  "Have a good night okay?"