January 6th, 2008

I like pretty things

frisbee and poltical quiz

During Christmas in Arkansas I got to do some exercising.. but when we got back to Austin, it was mostly chilling out. So today's Frisbee game really beat me down. 3 hours of sprinting... arrrrrgh. I can run fast.. but my stamina isn't very good.

Ballet Austin's dance classses start tomorrow, so I will have to get off my ass and start working out!

Oh, and here's how I score on the quiz:

72% Mike Gravel
69% Joe Biden
68% Dennis Kucinich
68% Bill Richardson
65% John Edwards
64% Barack Obama
63% Chris Dodd
61% Hillary Clinton
45% Rudy Giuliani
44% John McCain
43% Ron Paul
40% Mike Huckabee
37% Mitt Romney
31% Fred Thompson
30% Tom Tancredo

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz