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January 12th, 2008

musical theatre

So I signed up for a 12 week musical theatre workshop at Ballet Austin, taught by broadway veterans. It culminates in a show. Yesterday was my first class, and I was worried about it.. sure enough, there was a 7 year old in the class, a bunch of grade-school kids, high schoolers, college kids, and adults. There was a few older then me. So I guess I'm good with it, as I was afraid I was going to be the oldest.

Our teachers are Rocker and Danny, an adorable gay couple. We were given the show plan, which had 20 broadway numbers on it. All from stuff that should still be playing on Broadway. Apparently we're going to join with a bunch of different classes and with the Ballet Austin Apprentices/Trainnees, so there will be 60 of us in the show. So I should be in 3 numbers or so.. not bad! I'm excited to be part of the chorus, since the last time I did something like this was for church. I'm happy to be part of the show even if I have just a little part. Yay! A show!

We started with vocal warm-ups. Then we learned the songs "One" from the Chorus line (Danny was an original member of that!) and "Show People". Then we learned part of the dance for "One"... which was rather confusing for me.. I need to work on my physical memory, it's also tough to learn a dance, and sing a song you just learned.

Here's the show outline. I don't know most of these so I've gotta look it up. Even if I'm not part of a number it's good to learn it anyways.
Act 1 New Shows
1. Gypsy  -- The Overture
2. Curtains -- Show People
3. Young Frankenstein -- Puttin' On The Ritz
4. Little Mermaid -- Under the Sea
5. Mary Poppins -- Step to the Music
6. The Lion King -- TBD
7. Spamalot -- Fisch Schlapping Song
8. Avenue Q -- Everyone's A Little Bit Racist (I thought these were puppets?)
9. Legally Blond -- Whipped Into Shape
10. Hairspray --  You Can't Stop The Beat
11. Jersey Boys -- Walk Like a Man
12. Mama Mia -- Dancing Queen
13. Rent -- TBD
14. Spring Awakening -- The Song of Purple Summer

Act 2 - Revivals
15. Fantastics -- The Overture, Try To Remember, This Plus is Too Ripe
16. Grease -- Summer Nights
17. Les Miserables -- TBD
18. Chicago -- They Both Reached For the Gun, Hot Honey Rag
19. Sunday in the Park with George -- Louis, Finishing the Hat
20. A Chorus Line -- One

An additional Act 1 from either Billy Elliot, Color Purple, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked or Xanadu

This class is so AWESOME!


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