January 19th, 2008


satay, dance, halo party

on thurs night after my jazz class, i went to andy's sister's house. andy had cooked some delicious satay and tempeh (both originally from indonesia) following the cookbook i had given him. it was non-trivial to get the ingredients, but he did a great job. and the satay was so delicious coming out of the oven.. and he had to roast peanuts to make the peanut sauce.

afterwards we saw a documentary: "OT, our town", which was okay.

fri nightt i went to my musical theatre class. i was a bit frustrated because we were doing hairspray's we've got the beat. and they taught the song to us, but since most people know the song already, we barely went over it. and then they taught us the dance piece to it. rocker lectured me for not singing while dancing... but.. i just heard the song an hour ago, and it was a fast paced song.


and i've already been critical of myself for not picking up dance combinations faster. my physical movement memory needs improvement.

after the musical theatre class (which i still loved), i drove all the way back to round rock so i could join the halo party that was hosted at the symentec office. and rocked it. i was definitely one of the top players, and it was awesome and fun, and there were like 28 of us at one point. we played till 1 am.
I like pretty things

gluten-free baking, movies

so today i experimented with making banana bread without wheat. the recipe called for brown rice flour, agave, quinoa flour and arrowroot. after hunting down those ingredients at wheatville's co-op member appreciation day, i made the bread. the result: i loved the texture, it was crumbly and soft like bread should be, but i messed up.. since i used bananas that weren't ripe. i know i know, should've used old soggy bananas.. where are brown bananas when you need em?

anyways, i think i'll experiment some more. that was promising.

i saw "there will be blood" movie at the drafthouse. found it boring. there were some awesome psychologically crazy moments, but a lot of it was boring. that said: if you're into drama, "serious" art and such.. you will like this movie. andy did.
i also saw "27 dresses" with my roommate. and i enjoyed it. it wasn't great, but it was enjoyable, i'll watch it over "there will be blood" anyday.
i know this means i lose intellectual snob points. that's ok.

tonight i'm planning to go to kaci's birthday party!