January 20th, 2008

I like pretty things

gluten-free apple bread, frisbee

- I finally got to see Kaci's itsy bitsy puppy yesterday at her party. A toy Australian shepherd, cute!

- At frisbee league today: I caught and tossed frisbees! Yeah! They're finallys starting to pass to me :) I caught a goal pass. That was awesome.

- I went and retried the banana bread recipe with apple instead. i cut the apple in tiny pieces and browned them. the result? DELICIOUS. i liked it more then the banana bread.

- tonight IFE has improv rehearsal with Asaf as our coach.

- me tired. Sundays are way too busy.

- oh. and last night i made a batch of jasmine green tea using agave as the sweetener. and i put them in the fridge. now i have my own personal sweet leaf mint tea! It's so odd.. the concept of making my own drinks.. instead of buying them. but it's delicious.. and i know what goes into it. i'm really digging agave as a sweetener now. seems to not bother my heartburn as much.