February 20th, 2008

caroso in bedclothes

assasin's creed and dinner

haven't been posting much because i've been playing assasin's creed.. must.. reach.. target assasinations..

also tonight andy and i had dinner at the swelter shelter with igor, lucinda, carol and justin. it is always awesome to see people dork out in ways that you don't, and in this case justin and andy went into a punctuation dorkfest. i learned about m-dashes and n-dashes for the first time.

i've been trying to add more veggies to my diet, and a few days ago tried breading eggplants.. and it wasn't very good. today at igor's place, i had yummy guacamole, brussel sprouts and salad. so it is possible to find veggies i like. i just need someone to show me the way.

voice is still not fully back. it's probably at 80% right now.