February 21st, 2008


Assasin's Creed Review

This game has the best graphics of any game I've played so far. There are three cities: Jerusulam, Acre and Damascus, and supposedly they tried to keep the cities historically accurate, and what drew me to the game was the medieval graphics. It was beautiful, the cityscapes were breath-taking.. and there were extremely satisfying moments assassinating people, and then walking away pretending to not know what's going on.

Like many other reviewers, several of the tasks were repetitive, but not that bad. I had not planned to keep the game, but in the end, I had quite a bit of fun and adventure doing it, that it's going into my Xbox 360 collection (which consists of Halo 3, Beautiful Katamari and Mass Effect (a Christmas present from Peter))

It was quite a ride. I would recommend it.

It's heavily story-based, so if you're not into that kinda games, don't do it. 

Identity Politics (and Obama's family history)

Identity politics have been talked about much recently.. because we have a black man, and a woman running for president.

Women think, if Hillary is voted, she would maybe spend more money on medical/childcare issues affecting women. A black president would handle the poverty and social issues involving the black community with more importance.

At least that's the assumption.

I've definitely felt for Hillary in ways I don't for other candidates. I feel defensive when I see her criticized for cleavage, looks, being "shrill" or any insult that tends to be reserved for women. 

Obama.. otoh to me, is just another candidate, except that he's black. Kinda like Miitt Romney is Mormon.

Except.. it just occured to me today that Obama probably speaks indonesian. He went to school there from 6 to 10 years of age, since his mother remarried an Indonesian, which gave him an Indonesian stepfather, and a half-sister, Maya.

I went online, and sure enough, apparently Indonesian politicians like him.

Wrapping my head around the future president of the US being able to speak indonesian... whoa.. I'm having a lot more difficulty with that then with a black man or a woman president. 

I did a whole bunch of research on his family as a result.. and here's what i've gleaned from online resources (so it is "internet-fact")
- His mom, Ann Dunham died of ovarian cancer at the age of 52, she was an anthropologist, her doctorate research was on cottage industries in Java. 
- Barack's father, was a Kenyan politician, died in 1982 in a car accident.
- Ann met Lolo Soetoro at a University in Hawaii, they married, then Lolo brought his family back with him to Indonesia.
- Ann and Lolo had Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack's half-sister

I actually felt really sad for Obama.. that if he does end up being President, neither of his parents would be alive to see it.