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February 22nd, 2008

musical theare, the obama rally

my voice isn't completely back, but i gamely sang anyways... skipping some high notes.
also got to learn the Grease Hand Jive.

after enjoying my class, I was thinking of going to the Obama rally which was happening close by. I stopped by the Hideout to meet up with Bob and Erika... and we set off after the shows. Though I quickly lost them, since James and I were wanting to get closer and closer to the man himself. We got pretty close to the fence, but the stage was further in, in the Capital grounds.

James spotted Obama, and I couldn't cos I was short. It took me a while longer, after standing on tiptoes, peering over the heads of the huge crowd, I saw him. I'm so glad I got to see Obama!!!

His speech was great of course. He ended really well, James and I hugged.... he was crying, I could feel the tears threatening behind my eyes... Obama makes me feel stuff when I listened to him.. not the usual boredom-can-i-go-play-my-xbox feeling.. but the feeling of.. maybe things will get better. maybe things will change.

It was an interesting experience. My first rally. I'm glad I was there... I'm part of history!