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February 23rd, 2008

farmer's market, colustrum

i had a great time at the farmer's market downtown.. i came home with food that reflect my endorsement of the "Real Food" philosophy.

I got ham hocks, lard to cook with (come in butter sized shapes), eggs fresh from the farm, and a strawberrry plant that was already fruiting.

i'm also part of a goat-share program, which means that I own part of a goat. In the US, it's one of the few ways you can legally get raw milk, unpasteurized goat milk from a nearby farm. i haven't gotten any in a while, since the goats dry up in the winter and then they have kids, which require the milk. the milk is really really good, and fresh goat milk barely has any goaty taste.. my neighbours and most people i share it with love it, and get that gleam in their eyes.. how can they get some of their own?

anyways, so there was no milk, but since the goats just had kids, there was colustrum. which i've never had before. i got some, and yuckity yuck yuck. it tasted so very goaty, and didn't have that rich milk feel. sort of like salty water. i made uchi and andy drink it.