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February 24th, 2008

weekend, oscars, shopping

been kind of the draining kind of weekend.

i did some shopping done at freepeople and anthropologies though. got several new clothes for sale, as well as a curtain.

today andy and i went to shila for korean, borders.. and eventually ended up at the alamo drafthouses' red carpet oscars bash.

the drafthouse had 5 min specials.. $2 dos equis when the writers strike was mentioned (the "x"s were strikes).. and $3 milkshakes when "there will be blood" wins something. so all of us were waiting, and was sure there will be blood will win something.. but we went through sound editing, film editing.. and still no win. finally the waiter went around for last call.. and then cinematography award went to "there will be blood". so we all got milkshakes.

i was rooting for "no country for all man" for best director, screenplay and picture.
"there will be blood" got cinematography and best actor.. which is perfect, cos it's best features was it's cinematography and daniel day lewis was amazing.

but storywise, i preferred "no country".

anyways, the best moments for me was watching those actors who didn't expect it, win.. and their emotions on stage. and also the singer for "once" who said: "make art!"
and when the girl singer for "once" started talking, the music cue went up, and she couldn't speak.
after the commercial break, jon stewart said, the girl didn't get to speak, so she went back out again, and said her thank you speech, which basically said... there's lots of struggling artists, but i made it here. so you guys follow your dreams.

it was awesome.

jon stewart was funny too.. though there were a few moments where he was mean funny.
his funniest joke was: "Normally when you see a black man or a woman president, an asteroid is about to hit the Statue of Liberty".... "how else do you know it's the future??"