March 2nd, 2008

caroso in bedclothes

farmer's market.. a very drunk andy

i set my alarm to wake up early to go to the farmer's market. 10:30 am is early for a saturday, yo.
got ham hocks, my raw goat milk, and a dwarf peach tree perfect for my patio. 
my strawberry plant has already produced 3 ripe strawberries. and it's so awesome to pick a plant from your patio and eat it.

my tomato plant has gotten really big and prob needs a bigger pot. but it's hard to take care of.. tomatoes are vulnerable to a lot of stuff, and i think i've aphids on it :(
anyone want a tomato plant?

went to my first 501 improv narrative class which was fun. funner then i thought it would be. this is a good sign for me and improv.

then we went to andy's coworker dinner party. it was quite a spread, she is a professional caterer.

there was a lot of talking and drinking afterwards.. we had planned to go to maestro and then henri's rock band party but that didn't happen.

andy got the most wasted i've ever seen him... i had less then a glass all night, didn't really liked the wine.... when we got home he puked on the front lawn. all from wine.


the patio gardener

Hrm.. I know there are dancers who read my blog, and improvisors and geeks. I'm wondering if I've garderners..
Anyways, blog what you wanna blog right?

So I stopped by Sledd's Nursery since the Austin Improv Collective meeting was near there, and I was tagging along with Andy. I picked up an African Violet Daisy (annual), sunflowers (annual) and a perrenial with tiny purple flowers, forgot the name already. And I was happily gardening in my tiny patio garden. I love it. I love all the life. Even just walking through Sledd's nursury made me really happy.

So I checked my tomoto plant again, and those tiny bugs.. clustering in the stems. I'm pretty sure they're aphids really made me angry.. and I talked to the gardener at Sledd's and he said it was time to throw the plant. So I did. Along with another one that produced blue flowers that had aphids all over it.. and another plant. Anyways, I got a bit prunning happy.

Then I checked on my strawberries (which has 3 nice ripe ones) and I saw some aphids. GRRRRRRR.

No way I was throwing my strawberry plant which has been giving me such pleasure.

I did some online research and found out you can buy live ladybugs! I called Sledd's and they had em, but warned me that there is a freeze coming up.. so I should wait after the freeze. And then, time for lady bugs!

I also picked some catnip leaves and gave it to uchi, which drove him into a purring, rubbing against me frenzy. he loves that stuff.
cornell tower

weekend recap

friday: musical theatre, coffeeshop at bookpeople with catherine
sat: farmer's market, improv 401, shilla's amazing house and talking till midnight, drunk andy
sun: dim sum, sledd's nursery, austin improv collective meet at galaxy cafe, gardening, IFE rehearsal, amy's ice cream, watched "penelope" (ok movie, andy no like, i like).