March 21st, 2008

defy gravity

New York! New York! Passing Strange Broadway show

Here I am, nestled in a comfy warm duvet in a snazzy downtown apartment. Coincidentally, it's a block away from where I used to live when I worked here. I did a co-op in NYC, once living in Queens, and the second time in Manhattan. I was such a different person then, still in College, very passive and quiet.

Today I found myself telling a person to move in a crowded elevator since she was hogging so much space. Totally something the younger me wouldn't have done.

Lunch at Shanghai Joe's, which had great dumplings. Really really great dumplings. I wish I had some right now.

We started to walk north, and ended up in Soho area, going into little stores. We went to the MoMA design store and it was full of awesomely stylish and geeky stuff.

Afterwards we tried to stand in line for the Wicked lottery tickets.. but it's Easter weekend and there were probably 200 or more folks there, and only 28 seats were available. If we had won we could've bought 2 tickets for $26.50, instead we bought from stubhub for $245 each!! But I really really want to see Wicked, and so did Manuel.

Anyways, since we couldn't get tickets for Wicked, we wandered around, tried the box offices of various shows... and finally ended up at TKTS to get half priced tickets for Passing Strange, which was the only Musical broadway available.

While waiting for the show, we ended up in a Greek restaurant near Times Square which was.. terrible. I barely ate. Gaaah tourist trap!!!!

Ok.. Passing Strange.
Overall: Boring, but with some profound insights and interesting parts.
It's not a traditional show, there were no big dance numbers :( or really much of a dance number.
At points I felt like just walking out! But I made myself stay till it ended.
Manuel thought the first half was bad, but the second half was good and moved him.
defy gravity

Wicked good

Getting Wicked tickets was such a challenge. Standing in line multiple times in the wind and cold, rushing through several blocks of congested Times Square sidewalks.. we finally got to see.

I really liked it. Loved the big musical and dance numbers. Liked the story line. Loved Elfafa and Glenda. Really strong female leads. I cried after the performance of Defying Gravity. It was so inspiring and reminded me of all I love about musical theatre.

I'm glad I got to see it. We also were 7 rows from the stage.

The cast were of diverse body types and race. It was really odd for me to see dancers, in the top Broadway show be short and squat, or normal, slightly overweight bodies. But it made me happy.

I liked that show. I don't think it was very profound, but it was very entertaining and fun. And the production value was amazing.The only other show I can think of with that great a production is Lion King.

Aside from the show, we walked around Soho and went shopping. There were so many shops in Soho, pretty much every trendy brand. And so many tourists. And so many rude people. But also a lot of helpful people.

For food we had good cheap Thai at Chelsea. Then we went to K-town to eat some authentic Korean food.. which was quite interesting.