May 3rd, 2008

defy gravity

Fun show!

I had a lot of fun.. and during one dance number I had the "I love dancing" moment... but it was shortly followed by.. oops, I forgot a step.

And the theatre is so nice... it's just been recently built, and everything felt so professional. There were speakers in the dressing room announcing half hour calls, and "top of the show places please, everyone."
And the dressing room speakers also broadcasted the sound for the stage. It was awesome. The techs were on top of stuff, we had a live band.

The tickets were only $10... yeah, you get your money's worth. :)

It was fun... despite all the rants about the show, I had a great time. I guess the good come with the bad :/

Urgh. My contacts feel funny. I actually wore make up to the show too.