May 29th, 2008

I like pretty things

$4 gas is here to stay

Yesterday after I filled up, I looked at the total price and did a double take. $56!!

And it's still half of what the Europeans pay for gas. It made me think.. if filling up costs $100, would I still do it? Of course. But I will cut back in other areas.

I'm already more conscious about spending.. which considering how much I enjoy physical luxuries, is pretty huge. 

by the lake

random gifts, voice class and carol's party

- I received 2 norwegian (i assume) DVDs from eivind today :) All the way from Norway (I think). How exciting, I'm looking forward to watching them. My DVD drive allows switching of regions 4 times... grr. Anyone have a region free DVD player?

Also a few days ago I got a Dr Who magazine.. all the way from Scotland! Thanks to the Bain Family. Also very excited about that. I love getting random gifts.. THANK YOU!

- Voice class today I told Akina that I was quite sick of "I'm not that Girl -- Wicked". I now can sing the whole song with my mind elsewhere.. like driving. Before you know it, you're at the end of the track. So we started on "Mama who bore me" from Spring Awakening. Which is even more in my range..  but the syncopation is a challenge.

- Then Carol's birthday party at the Domain.. which marks the third year in a row I went to her birthday celebration :)