June 19th, 2008


thoughts on improv notes... musical duets

Yesterday, my Musical Theatre duet class cheered me up because there are two young Korean guys who showed up, said that they were here to learn English, and then gamely sang along to various disney and broadway songs.

Afterwards, Asaf, Andy and I had very late dinner at Kerby Lane. We were talking how each of us went through phases when we gave unsolicited notes.. but now none of us ever do that again. And how tricky it is for improvisors to give each other notes. It's almost impossible actually, since feelings get hurt and people disagree and argue. The only PC way to give notes if you were hired on as a coach.

Even when Asaf/Andy were directing a show, giving notes is still a delicate art-form for them.

Totally different from Danny when he was choreographing our show: "If you don't like how I'm doing things, you can leave. Now." 
*dead silence*

I think it's because population wise, there isn't that many good improvisors.. unlike dance, where there's a million girls who are younger, prettier and more talented then you who'd take your spot in a heartbeat.

Another reason I think is improv comes out of your subconscious, and is essentially who and what and how you are... that a criticism to your improv could be construed as a criticism to your person. As opposed to when you're dancing and singing someone else's creation. 

warm, sunkissed peach. sooo yummy.

today i went outside to water my porch garden. the peach tree was looking droopy, it does it more now because of the weather, i have to water everyday.

i'd already noticed that someone or some creature ate my strawberries. and most of my limes were gone (probably the college kids drinking beer next door: oh hey! lime! for my dos equis!). I haven't had any of the limes yet.

but my peach always stayed.. even thru the hailstorm, most of them survived (even though the leaves were scratched and ragged from the golf ball sized hail)

today as i was watering my droopy peachy.. i touched a fruit and it felt soft to me! so i plucked it. said thank you.
brought it back, rinsed it a little and bit into it.

oh my goodness.

that peach was warm from the sun and sooo sweet soo delicious.

it wasn't a pretty peach, with lots of imperfections.. and it was small. and i'd watched it grow for the last 3 months.

and it was amazingly good. so good. best peach i've ever eaten.
definitely worth all the watering and fertilizing and taking care of.