June 26th, 2008

I like pretty things

What's going on with my body??

In the last few days, I've had a lot of energy. Like a lot. Because the past few weeks I've been chilling, and being a couch-potato. But this week, I've gone swimming, walking, dancing and just doing stuff. 

And also, I've been waking up hungry. This is really odd because I usually don't have an appetite in the morning, that's why I don't eat breakfast. 

I don't have time to eat breakfast before work!! How do people manage??? 
Today I grabbed a tiny yogurt drink since I had an early morning meeting, but I'm ravenous now.

It's really odd. I don't think i've made a diet change, though maybe added 1 more fruit/veggie a day (from almost none). Oh, and  this is day 2.5 of no wheat. But the energy boost came just before that.
uchi as a kitten


as told in a chat to jason:

Jason:  how's your kitty?
 me:  he's sleeping and purring on my lap now. damp.
he's been having flea issues.
so i had this bottle of old flea stuff, and it said to wet the cat with it.. and i just did it around his ruff neck
and then the fleas were dying and running around and i was having fun killing them
then i left but then uchi started meowing really strangely
like more of a moan.
and when i looked at him he was foaming.
so i completely freaked out. and then just grabbed him and put him under the faucet.
showering uchi by itself is a traumatic experience.. and the only other time as an adult i've showered him andy had helped.
so it was just me, and he kept growling and for a tiny cat he has lots of power. i didn't get scratched. but at one point he had his mouth on me.
but only bit a little.
stupid flea product. it was supposed to be all natural, from Bark and Purr.