August 6th, 2008

I like pretty things

evil white sugar! and d&d

So I've been trying to avoid white sugar because it's evil. Seriously, that stuff is pure evil, and not good for you whatsoever.
Anyways, yesterday I really hunkered down... I had just protein and salad, and avocado for good fats and avoided candy bars and simple sugars...  even walked 3 miles in the gym.

But then I gave in to a glass of chai, and I immediately felt bloating in my tummy. Which confirms to me that sugar and simple carbs provokes my heartburn.

And then, an entire hoard of D&Ders invaded my living room, and they brought cheese pizza, which after I ate, I was like.. might as well have a kit-kat and then I had chai again and then my heartburn came back....

I'm addicted to white sugar.

Uchi was really cute last night. He would sit in the middle of the map, or just play with the other folks, and he's just so adorable.

And oh yeah, I'm involved in a new D&D campaign. Should be fun!!


So I was bored  and downloaded zmud and logged into my mud. The one that I spent 3 years of my life in... of that 3 years.. I would say I was online pretty much 6 hours a day. I would come home from my internship at NYC, and log on. I fell in love with one person on it... whatever online love is. I met 2 of the people. And yet.. online relationships are not "real relationships". Very rarely are they real.
In fact, of that 3 years, only 1 person is in constant contact with me now.. though that 1 person is a very valued friend :)

Anyways, the mind is an amazing thing, and i eventually remembered the password and logged on.. only a few names were familiar. Stuff still goes on, code I write is still running... I got a few emails over the years which petered out.

And I still remember that I detested the arch of law. And of course he's still active. Bastard.

I've lots of code and creative work in that place... hmmmm.